Do you know where your PLC programs are?

Many maintenance managers don’t, leaving their process lines vulnerable and unprepared.  Let Quantum Design provide you with a preliminary assessment of your current equipment and process lines to ensure your readiness in the case of a system failure.  A member of the Quantum team will come to your facility or schedule a phone call at a time convenient for you to perform the assessment.  We will then put together a plan of action to ensure you are prepared.  From simply backing up your system to full-system retrofits and upgrades, Quantum will work with you, your team, and your budget to ensure a solution that works best for your company.  The initial assessment is done free of charge either in person or by phone.  Fill out the form below to get started now.

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Who is Quantum Design?

Quantum Design is a controls system integrator providing turnkey solutions from design through commissioning.  With almost 30 years experience in the control systems engineering and panel building industries, Quantum Design is your go-to for automation integration, data acquisition, control panel assembly and more.  With extensive experience with control system upgrades, retrofits and conversions we can work with you to ensure your control system is up-to-date, backed up and prepared for any failures that may come your way.

Considering an upgrade or retrofit?

Quantum has the knowledge and experience to make your control system upgrade a seamless, positive experience. Whether doing a system upgrade, a phased migration or a complete replacement, upgrading an older system can bring years of new life to your machine and reduce overall downtime. Quantum will assess your current system and create a strategy that works for you, your production line and your overall big picture.

Looking for proof of success?

Recently Quantum Design worked with Webcrafters Inc. of Madison, WI on an S5 to S7 retrofit of their equipment.  View our video case study outlining the project by clicking below.


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