Automation of Customer Drawing Formats

System integrators are often tasked with coming up with innovative yet economical solutions to their customer’s problems. It can be something as simple as upgrading a component in a panel, to the more complex, such as integrating the latest technology with older controls systems that use outdated or obsolete hardware, software and/or communication protocols. We are always asked to do … Read More

Motor Control Center Uses EtherNet and Significantly Less Wiring

In the 1950s, Motor Control Centers were originally introduced and used by the automobile manufacturing industry which uses large numbers of electric motors. Today they are used within many different industries for a variety of applications in industrial and commercial settings. With the advances in technology, a Motor Control Center no longer just turns a motor on and off. The newest generation of MCCs offer several options for communication, power monitoring/management and safety design; making new MCCs or upgrading an older MCC an attractive option for many companies.

Production Area PLC Conversion Improves Efficiences and Processes

In this project Quantum Design helped improve efficiences and processes for our customer, a leading food and beverage company, by replacing multiple SLC5/04’s, PLC5/40’s, a PLC5/80 and their I/O racks. Many customers are realizing the importance of upgrading older control systems as issues begin to arise more frequently and since these older systems will become more difficult to support in the future. In many cases, the mechanics of a system are sound but the controls are failing and separate parts are scarce or non-existent.

Heat Trace Control Conversion

Quantum Design’s customer, a leading food and beverage manufacturing company, was looking to update multiple outdated and obsolete single point heat trace controllers with a single PLC controller, I/O and HMI. Their equipment was no longer being manufactured or supported by the manufacturer making replacement parts expensive. As the equipment aged new problems were likely to arise more often and if the equipment were to fail there would have been no direct replacement to swap in leaving the customer with lengthy downtimes on their production line while the equipment was being replaced. Though old equipment can sometimes be refurbished, it is usually very expensive and often board level components cannot be replaced. Therefore, they will eventually fail and the same issues would arise.

Working with Siemens AC/DC Drives

Quantum Design, Inc. experiences and customer acceptance of applications using Siemens AC/DC Servo Drives have been received with great success. There are many reasons for this success such as identifying customer needs, proper documentation, sound documentation and configuration/programming practices to insure these high quality Siemens products provide many years of service.

Laser Product Positioning System with Advanced HMI

A manufacturer of abrasive saws, Centro-Metalcut, conceptualized a new laser product positioning system for an end customer’s abrasive saw production line. Traditionally an Abrasive Saw measures material using a full mechanical measuring gage with hydraulics built separately as a standalone piece; usually specifically designed for the saw being built and the cutting material being cut. This is a huge additional expense for an already very expensive piece of equipment. In addition, the maintenance costs associated with this type of measuring system would be astronomical and continuous throughout the life of the machine. The customer requested a laser positioning system to reduce the overall cost of the machine and to increase efficiency thereby increasing their ROI.