Is your control system older than your Granny?

Probably not, but if you are currently using a legacy, mature or “silver” product such as the products listed below it’s time to consider an upgrade.  Common legacy products include the following:

• Siemens S5
• Siemens Masterdrives
• Allen-Bradley PLC 2

• Allen-Bradley PLC 5
• A-B Silver Series
• IDT Panelmate

• A-B Panelview Classic
• Modicon 584
• Modicon 984

• Modicon 984 Compact
• GE Series 1
• Texas Instrument’s PLCs


*Note: the list above is a small representation of the products and software in which Quantum Design has experience with upgrades.  Even if your system is not listed, it is highly unlikely that we cannot help your company.

Why should you upgrade with Quantum Design?

Quantum has the knowledge and experience to make your control system upgrade a seamless, positive experience. Whether doing a system upgrade, a phased migration or a complete replacement, upgrading an older system can bring years of new life to your machine and reduce overall downtime. Quantum will assess your current system and create a strategy that works for you, your production line and your overall big picture.


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